Betsy Chasse

Imagine your worst fear.

Now see it happening
Experience it with everything you’ve got. 
Taste the salty tears as they stream down your face
your nose running 
and your mouth is wide open 
screaming as the tears and snot make their way into your mouth.

Don’t stop now

Hear the shouts of hatred flying at you like bullets
the attacks against you ricochet off your heart 
which eventually breaks from the onslaught. 

Don’t stop

Smell the burning of the paper your dreams were written on


Experience every awful wretched emotion surrounding that fear.

Until you can’t breath
your insides are burning 
and you fall to the ground 
and sob until you sleep


Wake up
Look around you
See the world upside down and crooked for a moment
Observe every color so bright it blinds you 
Rise up slowly to your knees
Eyes closed 
Smell the air
How long has it been since you really smelled the air. 


Smell the dirt in it
smell the flowers all the way in your backyard
as if they are right under your nose 
breath that deep.

Feel that breath bring goose bumps to your arms
Sense the coldness 
Feel the chills up your spine

Hold your breath 

Now open your eyes

You’re still here
Yes yes you are
Now stand up
And walk through that door
Because you can


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