The most succesful sexy ads

The most succesful sexy ads 

Visible Measures have figured out the most popular sexy ads according to true reach figures.

Actress Megan Fox is advertising’s sexiest celebrity according to new statistics released by video advertising and analytics experts Visible Measures. Megan’s role in the Armani campaign ‘Hotel Service’, in which she changes from underwear into a pair of jeans, has brought in over 18 million views worldwide.Fox trumps the likes of fellow celebrities Beyoncé for H&M (12.7million views), Jessica-Jane Clement for Lynx (12.7million views), David Beckham for H&M (12.4million views) and Lara Stone for Calvin Klein (10.9million views). The top 10 chart for the sexiest ever ads is somewhat inevitably littered with Victoria’s Secret models, but perhaps surprisingly a car ad also makes the top ten. Fiat’s ‘Seduction’ is also the advert featured in the top 10 in which the actors keep the most clothes on. H&M is hailed the sexiest high street brand, with campaigns featuring both David Beckham and Beyoncé racking up 25 million collective views. As a surprise, the sexiest most-watched ad ever comes from Fortnight Lingerie, a Canadian lingerie company. Their winning campaign, Super Sexy CPR, with a True Reach of 18.6 million views, features two models demonstrates proper CPR techniques. The top ten sexiest ads-ever crowns women the sexier gender. The line up consists of one advert with a man semi-naked (Beckham), eight films featuring scantily dressed women and only one campaigning which both genders feature.

Matt Fiorentino, the Director of Marketing at Visible Measures, said: “Without the traditional censorship restrictions of TV, brands can push the boundaries of sex in branded video. But it’s only the ads that tell a story and provide a layer beyond sex, that truly perform well (no pun intended). Many of the ads on this list go beyond the pure sexuality of the celebrities or models and deliver a deeper message, and for this reason they have resonated with online audiences.”

Check out the sexiest most-watched ads of all-time (top 10) and the sexiest most-watched ads of the past year (top 10).

Sexiest most-watched ads of all-time 

No 1: Fortnight Lingerie: Super Sexy CPR 

No 2: Armani: Hotel Service 

No 3: Victoria’s Secret: Holiday 2012 

No 4: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit: Swimsuit 2013 

No 5: H&M: Beyonce H&M Summer Collection 2013 

No 6: Lynx: Rise Wake Up Calls 

No 7: H&M: David Beckham Bodywear 

No 8: Victoria’s Secret: Holiday 2013 

No 9: Calvin Klein: Push Positive 

No 10: Fiat: Seduction 

The sexiest most-watched ads of the past year 

No 1: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit: Swimsuit 2013 

Featured above.

No 2: H&M: Beyonce H&M Summer Collection 2013 

Featured above.

No 3: H&M: David Beckham Bodywear 

Featured above.

No 4: Victoria’s Secret: Holiday 2013 

No 5: Bulgari: Discover the Film 

No 6: Durex: Fundawear 

No 7: Four Seasons Condoms: #GetNAKED 

No 8: Calvin Klein: Concept 

No 9: RadioShack: #UWANTIT 

No 10: Sauza: Make It With A Lifeguard 

Also check out the sexy print ads collection featuring dozens of campaigns.



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